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People Staffing in North Brunswick, NJ has been servicing this area since 1995. We are family owned and have an intimate knowledge of both recruiting and also the needs of businesses in this area. We specialize in clerical and light industrial services such as administrative, manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution, and because we are family owned, we care more about you.
In addition, our internal staff has been with us for many years. Therefore, they are better equipped with the knowledge of screening and matching candidates for our customers' needs. Also because of their experience, they help maintain our philosophy of providing quality service to both our applicants and our customers.
We provide two important benefits to our clients. We make your job very much easier by providing you with quality people with low turnover. Second, by providing you with good and productive employees, everyone benefits. When everyone benefits from our service, then we have achieved our goals! This is the simple secret to our success since opening.